Millbridge Progress

19th February 2021: UPDATE ON FULL FIBRE UPGRADES (Sandport, Swansacre, Bowton Road and Millbridge).

The Openreach voucher pledge site for Kinross has been open for three months since November 2020. Only 25% of homes and businesses in Sandport, Swansacre, Bowton Road and Millbridge have pledged vouchers.

For all 113 upgrades to proceed, we require at least another eight voucher pledges. Vouchers can be pledged at:

On 21st January 2021 we thought that 100% of our voucher pledge target had been met. However, Openreach informed us that some of the vouchers pledges were by properties not included in the 113 properties selected by Openreach for this first upgrade project. So after verifying all the voucher pledges, the target went back down to 79%. As of 19th February 2021, we are 84% towards the target.

Key facts:

  • Upgrades are FREE for everyone, fully funded by the UK Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.
  • Upgrades simply replaces the (BT/Openreach) copper telephone/broadband line in to your home with a fibre optic line. Future proofing your phone and broadband services for many generations to come (see our “Gigawhat?” page).
  • All that is required of you is to “pledge” a voucher to the project. The only commitment is taking a 12 month broadband service, that should not cost you any more than you pay for regular broadband now. If your phone or broadband is with BT, Sky, Vodafone, Zen, TalkTalk or others (listed here) then you don’t need to switch.
  • It’s not just about download speeds. Upgrading from partial fibre to full fibre results in a much more reliable and stable service. Full fibre delivers significantly faster upload speeds too, which is better for video calling, emailing and sharing large files, and using cloud services. Increasingly important as we spend more time at home.
  • Check if your property is included in the initial 113 planned for an upgrade, and pledge a voucher, at:

When visiting the voucher pledge site remember to check “YES” to the question about your current broadband speed being less than 100 Mbps. Everyone in Kinross, Milnathort and wider Kinross-shire who get “fibre” broadband from the cabinet has a maximum possible speed of 80 Mbps.

The map below shows the 113 properties that have been selected by Openreach for inclusion in our first project. “Millbridge” including Sandport Gait, Swansacre, School Wynd, Brewery Lane and Bowton Road.